In 25 Minute Physiology I tackle exciting physiology, nutrition, and human performance questions in 25 minutes or less (usually). This longer format allows for more extensive discussion than its little brother, 5 Minute Physiology, but it's not as in-depth as the big dog, 55 Min Physiology. So if simply "knowing" the answer isn't enough for you, and you want to know "why the answer is what it is", 25 Min Physiology is your spot!


   25 Min Physiology: What are Carbs, Fat, and Protein? And How To Use Each!

This episode  quickly discusses their basic Structure & Function to help you better decide how much of each to put on your plate! We finish with 3 common mistakes when attempting to build a macronutrient balanced meal. 


What Lactate Is & What It ACTUALLY Does...

In this episode of 25 Minute Physiology, I tackle: Lactate. I cover common myths, what it actually is, what it actually does, and what's coming in the future of lactate research. Intended for all backgrounds & education levels. 



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