In 5 Minute Physiology I tackle exciting physiology, nutrition, and human performance questions in 5 minutes or less, roughly. This short format allows me to skip the nonsense and get straight to the answer! If you're looking for a quick fix or some fun physiology facts, 5 Min Physiology is perfect for you!


5 Min Phys: How Strong Can You

Get From Taking Steroids?


5 Min Phys: When Should You Have Your Protein? Metabolic Myths


5 Min Physiology: Are Straps, Belts,

and Swingin' Cheatin'? 

Ok, so maybe this episode is more like 10 Min Phys. My bad, I got excited. Here we quickly discuss whether or not using things like straps, braces, bands, or using momentum, bouncing, or swinging when you're lifting is "cheating". We also highlight 1 major give away to tell the difference between a trainer/coach who really knows what they're doing, and one that's faking it! Enjoy!


3 HUGE Nutrition Mistakes!

Avoid these 3 things and dramatically increase the likelihood of hitting your nutrition goals!


What Lactate Is & What It ACTUALLY Does...

In this episode of 5 Minute Physiology, I tackle: Lactate. I cover common myths, what it actually is, what it actually does, and what's coming in the future of lactate research. Intended for all backgrounds & education levels.  If this enticed your appetite for knowledge, check out the extended 25 Min or  55 Min Physiology on Lactate!


The Physiology of Fat Loss

In this episode, I break down the basic physiology of fat loss. Understanding this will improve the likelihood of achieving your (or your client's) weight loss goals! If I caught your wonder, be sure to check out my follow up videos: 25 Min & 55 Min Physiology of Fat Loss. Questions? Send them to me on Twitter or Instagram @DrAndyGalpin


How To Know What "Good" Technique Is For Any Exercise

In this episode of 5 Minute Physiology I cover the rules I use to determine what "Good Technique" is for every exercise. If this enticed your appetite for knowledge, check out the extended 25 & 55 Min Physiology to hear expanded discussions of this topic! 



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