In 55 Minute Physiology I tackle exciting physiology, nutrition, and human performance questions in 55 minutes or less...or sometimes, much, much longer.... This EXTRA long format allows more extensive discussion than its little brothers,  5 Min & 25 Min Physiology. If you've got a topic you want to dive hard into, 55 Min Physiology is here for you. I'll cover 1) what the answer is, 2) why it is what it is, 3) and when it may not be true (the exceptions to the rules).   Similar to a University lecture, I'll cover entire topics; giving the whole story so you feel like an expert! Don't be scared of the time commitment. It will fly by and I promise you won't be disappointed! 


Quality vs. Quantity: The Great Calorie Debate

Losing fat is all about lowering calories....Or is it?

If you're confused about the whole "calories in, calories out vs. quality" - this video will help.

What you'll find is there's truth in both, but most people are extremely misinformed with how it all works. In this video I clear up the confusion about what's more important, food quantity (i.e. calories) or food quality for weight loss, muscle gain, performance, and recover.

It blows me away how much people talk about this topic, without understanding the fundamental basics of "Energy Balance".

What you'll notice is there's actually a lot LESS confusion on the topic than most people think. T

his video should resolve a lot of that. See more videos from me at . Y

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The Physiology of Fat Loss

Have you ever wondered how fat loss actually, physically happens?

Do carbs make you fat? 

What's the best way to workout to lose fat?

What is Metabolism, exactly?

How do the glycolytic, lipolytic, aerobic, and anaerobic energetic pathways work together to maximize metabolic energy while minimizing adipose tissue storage? 


Find the answer to these questions and more right here in this in-depth discussion of the Physiology of Fat Loss! 

I break down the basic physiology of fat loss in this epic, nearly 2 hour edition of 55 Min Physiology. Understanding this will improve the likelihood of achieving your (or your client's) weight loss goals! 

Want the short version? Check out 5 Min & 25 Min Physiology of Fat Loss Videos. 

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What Are Muscle Fiber Types, & Can You Change Them With Your Training!? 


Can muscle fiber types change?

Can fast-twitch fibers change to slow-twitch?

Can slow-twitch fibers turn into fast?

 What is muscle, exactly?

 How do muscles actually contract?


Find the answer to these questions and more right here in this in-depth discussion of the Muscle Fiber Types!


 We've all heard of people with "fast-twitch" muscles. Well, there's actually much more to it than some people being fast-twitch and some being slow. Here I give you the breakdown of what Human Skeletal Muscle fiber types actually are. I also answer the famous question: am I born with it, or can this be changed with training? Be sure to check out Parts 2 & 3 in this epic, nearly 2 hour edition of 55 Min Physiology.


Want the short version? Check out 5 Min Physiology Version.

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Part 2 of Muscle Fiber Types!


Part 3 of Muscle Fiber Types!



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